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The Kingsglaive FFXV event was planned to be released on 25 August, but was cancelled.

As you remember from Fan Festa, the event was also announced to be coming soon, but was missing on the video update.

The following post will summarize the future plan outlined in these documents.

However, the skill itself has no killer effect, instead it deals certain damage ONLY to a certain race, e.g.

The only projector that automatically adapts the projection to the size and dimensions of your room, Project Ariana uses a pair of 3D cameras together with a custom calibration software to automatically detect your monitor and environmental factors such as furniture and room lighting, to provide you with the perfect display for your room.

Project Ariana brings a whole new dimension to immersive gaming with Razer Chroma which communicates with the game in real time to create both lighting and video effects.

Tentative date: 13 October Note regarding Divine Burst: We have recently discovered how the "in-built killer" effect works, and it's slightly different than what the skill description imply.

The wiki description for these type of skills prior to the change was also misleading, which is what the developer is using for the slides.

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