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Well, maybe not so helpful, but it sure made me laugh when I tried her suggestions, and so took my mind off the pain. Your voice reflects emotions as surely as a mirror gives back the image of what is placed before it.No amount of vocal excercises will put ‘soul’ into a voice.In fact, sound can appear to be intensified by distance.

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It behooves everyone to place the speaking voice correctly and to modulate it musically. Now with your throat in the position it took to say ‘mood’ repeat the word ‘ice’ three times. A younger person is always presented to the older or more distinguished.

But in America, supposedly the very nest of efficiency, lateness is strangely tolerated. In school I cut the cheese at least once every hour.

In fact, with three exceptions, overpunctuality is not admired. you and I, when destitute of courtesy, are conspicuous by our lack of kindness, tolerance, and understanding. Perhaps pride, selfishness, and ambition have veiled the meaning. Usually I go to the bathroom, but sometimes the teacher won’t let me go or I can’t get to the bathroom on time.

The magnetic, warm overtones that can make a homely woman seem charming are the definite results of sweetness, generosity and love of humanity.

There is no way to imitate this warmth in the voice. Throughout these lessons we bring out certain qualities of mind and character that give this entrancing timbre to the voice.

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